Why Do You Need a Mandelin Reagent When Partying?

Each year, in the United States and not only, numerous rave and musical festivals take place. While people go there to have a good time and dance to the beats of their favorite DJs, these events are famous for being drug paradises. Although you might like taking different pills – containing different alkaloids and chemical compounds – you can’t never be sure if that obscure drug dealer gave you what he promised. Every festival, the first aid stand is overcrowded with people who have put their lives in danger because of drug consumption. But most of the time, it’s not because they have taken a specific type of drug as it’s that they have bought an impure mix or, worst case scenario, something completely different. That’s why a Mandeling reagent comes in handy at such events, reagent that can be purchase in a complete drug testing kit.

Everybody knows – at least from movies – that an energetic girl, dancing uncontrollably with a bottle of water in her hand, has probably taken ecstasy. She is probably more ecstatic from the pills kicking in than from the music. But did she really take what she thinks she had taken? Will she enjoy a sleepless night partying, or will she end up at a hospital?

The same story applies when it comes to other drugs, whether you are a cool rave dude or a girl who likes to have fun. Like with ecstasy, cocaine needs to be tested out. And the best way to do that is with a drug testing kit that contains a Mandeling reagent.  Used as a simple test on the spot, it can tell you in no time if what you are buying is actually ecstasy, cocaine or any other drug for that matter. Or, if what you are taking is pure or mixed.

Pour some of the substance in a veil along with the reagent. Then, the mix will change to a specific color. For example, if what you bought is actually ecstasy – slang for MDMA in this context – then the mix should have a bluish black color. In the case of cocaine, the color should turn into a deep orange-yellow.

The drug testing kit comes with a color chart. There you can see a list of the most popular drugs and what color each should have. Don’t take them if they don’t suit the color on the chart. Mandelin Reagent is the most reliable way out there when it comes to checking drugs. Also, a drug testing kit comes with a mini spoon and a veil. You can perform up to 200 test with each kit – for only $17.99.

Partying with friends might be fun, but if you are going to take that ecstasy pill at the music festival or sniff some cocaine in the toilet, just before you go to that dance ring – stay safe and make sure that you know what you’re taking.

What is Molly?

Pearland, Texas, 09 October 2016 – In order to promote safer use of Cocaine What is Molly? is selling Cocaine Test kits.

Cocaine is a substance which is derived from coca. It is considered an addictive substance. Cocaine provides a short but intense feeling of euphoria. It is known by names such as Snow, Charlie, Blow, Coke, Rock, Nose candy and Sugar block to name a few. Cocaine use has been well reported in the media with celebrities such as Charlie Sheen and Nigella Lawson, known to have used the drug.

First time and uneducated users of these substances are at risk of taking substances which have been laced or cut with potentially harmful materials which can cause serious medical issues and even death.

As such What is Molly? have expanded their endeavours to educate the community by selling Cocaine testing kits to assist those who choose to use a way to check the purity of the product they intend to use prior to taking it and minimise their risk of harm.

Cocaine testing kits available now from http://whatismolly.com contain enough testing strips and Marquis Re-agent to perform up to 200 tests, making them excellent value for money. At only $17.99 + shipping it is small price to pay for peace of mind. And as a bonus What is Molly? throw in some glow-sticks and wristbands.

ABOUT What is Molly?

What is Molly? is a company which promotes education around safer use of Cocaine.

What is Molly? is committed to minimising harm within the community which arises from use of illicit substances through providing a community service which offers education and reliable inexpensive testing kits to ensure that those that use these substances minimise their risk of ingesting unexpected and potentially dangerous substances.

It is hoped that providing these services will help both individuals within the community by minimizing risks whilst using Cocaine, and also reduce pressures on other community services including hospital and ambulance services through reducing the number of people ingesting substances which have been cut or laced with materials that are potentially harmful to their health.

What is Molly? sells testing kits for Cocaine, MDMA and LSD.

For more information, contact: contact@whatismolly.com or visit http://whatismolly.com

How Mandelin Reagent could have helped Donny.

Donny is 18 years old. Donny is allergic to pepper. Donny likes snow. And not the fluffy stuff that falls from the sky if you catch my drift. But all bad puns aside, one day Donny tried a new dealer, and after he had used the Cocaine, his nose bled. He waited. He waited. Nothing happened. In fact, he found that it did little more than get rid of that annoying headache he had. What he didn’t realise, was that he had been sold crushed up Aspirin instead. His nose had only bled because Aspirin is an anti-platelet aggregation agent (that means it makes you bleed more easily).

I bet you are thinking right now that Donny is a dumbass right? I mean who doesn’t know the difference between Aspirin and Cocaine?

Actually, as it turns out sometimes it can be pretty hard to tell, especially for someone who doesn’t use often, hasn’t used before or is new to using Cocaine.

So how do you avoid being sold Aspirin when you were after a high? Mandelin Reagent.

Whilst it has primarily been used for testing for Ketamine and MDMA, what you might not know is that Mandelin Reagent also tests for other drugs and substances, including Cocaine, Aspirin and Salt.

So how do you get hold of Mandelin Reagent? Easy. Buy a Cocaine testing kit. These are cheap and easy to use, and come with handy colour charts to tell you EXACTLY how pure your stuff is, whatever it is, you bought.

You don’t want to end up like Donny, because the next dealer he bought from sold him Cocaine which was cut with Mace, and if you recall from earlier, Donny is allergic to Pepper. And that’s what Mace is. So apart from snorting Pepper up his nose, Donny also ended up in a hospital Intensive Care Unit with an anaphylaxis.

I agree, Donny is a dumbass, know why? He should have learnt from the first time and bought himself a Cocaine testing kit. Instead he ended up with an ambulance and hospital bill for thousands of dollars.

Don’t be like Donny. OK?

How Mandelin Reagent Helps you Avoid the Side Effects of Cocaine and Other Drugs

How Mandelin Reagent Helps you Avoid the Side Effects of Cocaine and Other Drugs

An increasing number of people, out of whom is the youth predominantly, take drugs for recreational purposes. Drugs are often taken in order to boost self-confidence, trigger an ecstatic state of body and mind, or taken just out of curiosity. Whatever your reasons, be mindful when doing drugs for their side effects vary from mild to very grave, sometimes even being lethal (this particularly refers to uppers such as cocaine).

Proper use of cocaine and its effects

Proper use of cocaine drives to the feeling of superiority and the instantaneous appearance of effects almost immediately after a single dose, which are two main reasons for its popularity among the younger crowd, as well as other social classes. Initially, it causes the user to feel euphoric, talkative, energetic, and mentally alert. Due to its capacity to decrease the need for food and sleep, some users take it to enhance their physical and intellectual performance. All of the above-mentioned points relate to small and proper amounts. But what happens when you overdo or abuse cocaine or the quality isn’t as good?

Well, stay tuned and read about the short-term and long-term side effects of cocaine and how to solve the issue.

Short-term effects:

  • After the initial euphoric state, the effect starts to subside and leads to intense depression and edginess, often causing you to crave for more of the drug.
  • Regular use of the drug causes lack of appetite and insomnia.
  • Increased heart rate, convulsions, and muscle spasms are typical for regular cocaine users.
  • Cocaine can also cause the feeling of paranoia, anxiety, and hostility both towards yourself and others.

Long-term effects:

  • The tolerance to the drug increases, so do the quantities that the user needs to get high.
  • Prolonged use on a daily basis leads to complete loss of appetite and sleep deprivation.
  • Lack of interest for other aspects of life becomes intense, and users will do anything to get the drug – even commit murder. If they don’t get it, the addicts become more depressed and prone to committing suicide.

How to avoid side effects

Check your quantity and check your quality first. That’s it. These are two top culprits of drug abuse. But you might be asking, “How the hell do I check my drug quality?” Well, what you need is a drug testing kit, Cocaine Testing Kit for this case.

To successfully test your cocaine quality, you need a few things, including Mandelin reagent.

What’s Mandelin reagent and how to use it?

In plain language, it’s a tool that helps you test quality. When mixed with a drug, it causes the change in color which is the indication of quality.

However, be careful with the Mandelin reagent, for it can be corrosive.

To sum up

Drugs are not potentially harmful as long as you don’t misuse it. Staying out of the zone of becoming a dope fiend is a guarantee you’re on the right track. Otherwise, for you may regret your decision to set out on a psychedelic journey.


Music Festival Attendees claim “Molly” Use is across the board


The youngsters who go to electronic move music celebrations educated the Christian Science Monitor that the usage of the medication “Molly” is normal. It has been accounted for that the medication has been in charge of the late overdoses of around four individuals, which incorporates two at a music celebration in New York.

Mathew Walcott who is a previous student at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire, told the daily paper that a few children might convey stuff with them to either offer or use, yet the possibility that is more regular is that one doesn’t carry sand to a shoreline as there is a heap of it all over the place.

The executive of the Division of Epidemiology, Services and Prevention Research at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Wilson Compton said that they are worried and scared about the reports being heard in various areas concerning the symptoms of the medications. He focused on further that a few people can lose their lives from what might as well be called heat weariness that is brought on by the abundance movement affected by this substance. More individuals are likewise purchasing MDMA testing kits to check whether the medications have polluting influences.

The medication which is a more unadulterated type of ecstasy comes in powder form. It has been accessible for a few decades; however, it turned out to be better known with students recently. Likewise, the notice of the medication by music stars that include Miley Cyrus in her song “what is molly“, Madonna, and Kanye West has generously expanded its attraction.

Its wellbeing dangers incorporate lost restraints, Automatic teeth grasping, sickness, transfixion on sights and sounds, obscured vision and chills and sweating. The more severe risks of the medication, which is additionally called MDMA, can incorporate expanded heart rate and pulse and seizures.

It is typical touring individuals at music celebrations, and clubs go into a “K-hole,” which is a practically unconscious state; a term which initially refer to an overdose of ketamine.